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Transition from servers to cloud to streamline efficiency


As a full range of integrated financial service provider, our client provides services including brokerage, corporate financing, sales and trading, asset management, private equity, global commodities and futures.

In order to streamline efficiency and enhancing business processes, the company is looking for cloud adoption through slowly transition from servers to cloud providers, scaling up or down as needed.


Understanding the company’s existing situation and needs for Jira cloud migration through meeting, we provided technical recommendations and offered implementation service and IGS on-going support service for our client.

A migration assessment was delivered and included installing and configurating the required JIRA Plug-in on Jira Software Cloud, migrating the data cloud, delivering UAT test plan and test case and providing end-user training session.

We also provided a regular project meeting to review the status for each task to ensure a smooth migration in the whole process.


The Cloud migration service has been successfully completed. The company has adopted Jira Software Cloud in their daily operations and achieved their company goal on cloud migration in the next quarter of the year.

Keywords: Cloud Migration, Cloud Implementation, Jira Software Migration

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