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Atlassian Cloud Migration
Atlassian Cloud Migration Services

We have the expertise to successfully guide your company through each phase of cloud migration.

Our Approach to Atlassian Cloud Migration

To fulfill our commitment to you, we have a detailed plan of action. We conduct a thorough review of your operations as well as our strategy before actually implementing it since we recognize how important the Atlassian cloud migration process is to your company. We therefore provide an assessment of your infrastructure along with our knowledge, allowing you to choose how you wish to proceed. to create and implement the most safe, practical, and successful cloud migration.

Abstract Background
Atlassian: Consulting for Cloud

Consulting for Cloud

provides consultation services to help businesses access their cloud maturity and develop a robust cloud platform

Basic Data Migration

Data migration from your existing system to Atlassian Cloud, and verification that your data is successfully migrated

Custom Migration

Offers complete flexibility and customization for your migration needs

Data Migration Plus

Customization of your Atlassian Cloud instance to fit your specific needs

App Migration

Migrate third-party apps from your existing system to Atlassian Cloud, ensuring that your customizations are maintained during the migration process

Advanced Migration

Advanced data migration services, such as migrating data from multiple sources or complex data structures

Managed Migration

End-to-end migration services, including planning, execution, and ongoing support to ensure a smooth transition to Atlassian Cloud

Atlassian Jira Software

Jira Software

Plan, Track, Release

Atlassian Jira Service Management

Jira Service Managment

IT service management & customer service

Atlassian Bitbucket


Git code management

Atlassian Trello


Collaborate visually

Atlassian Confluence


Document collaboration

Abstract Background

Getting started with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Our Successful Use Cases with Atlassian
Our Successful Use Cases with Atlassian

From improving communication and collaboration to enhancing productivity and project management, we will share our insights on how Atlassian has made a significant impact on our software development efforts.

IGS offers proactive, flexible support and tailored Atlassian cloud migration services for your company.

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