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JSM for Customer Support - Financial Services


Self-service in banking and insurance broadly refers to the means by which a customer can find the content and information they require. There is no need to call customer service and wait in queues to get the answer to a simple but essential question. Today’s modern customers prefer to interact with a financial or insurance organization in this way.


A combination of digital self-service options (portal or platform) and customer service from AI powered chatbot agent is the recipe for success. Immediate benefits include an increase in savings and productivity due to the reduction of calls to customer support. Long-term benefits include maintaining and growing a loyal customer base, maximizing revenue, and a future-proof digital self-service strategy.

Outcome and Benefits of self-service strategy for financial services

  • Enhanced customer experience as people prefer to answer their questions without having to contact support

  • Improved sales as customers continue with the transaction only when they get a quick answer

  • Reduced support costs as customers will call less into customer support.

  • Better support availability as self-service enables support all day, every day, and on all devices

  • Staff productivity as support staff can work on complex issues instead of repetitive questions

Keywords: Jira Service Management, Atlassian Jira, Customer Support, Self-Service, Chatbot, AI

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