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A recognized organization in the banking industry is looking for solutions to continue their digital transformation


Our client is a recognized organization in the banking industry. As with many well-established companies, their management team is looking for solutions to continue their digital transformation.

One of the areas they are exploring is to transform the way they handle projects. They found that it is difficult for teams working in silo and resource management as there are no centralized view on the status checking and task allocation. The tools they are using were not built to adopt various agile project management framework.


With the support of the client’s management, we went on a series of meetings and discovery workshops with stakeholders including project management office, project managers, IT and developers.

To continue their digital transformation, the management would like to adopt a solution on cloud, preferably a SaaS solution. As with middle management and staff, while most of them are open for changes and skeptical about the ease of adoption.

With all these information in mind, the final solution is to adopt Jira and Confluence on cloud. Starting with 1,000 users with a plan to expand to all users in the organization, our client also adopted a few marketplace apps to strengthen the reporting and resources management capabilities. Although there are a lot of questions raised by compliance and IT security with Jira cloud, all the requirements can be fulfilled and solved. We also provided implementation service and trainings to end users.


It is still on an early stage to have a quantitative measure on the effectiveness of the solution, but the general feedback both on and off training has been that Jira solution is very easy to use, the level of transparency and ease of collaborating with other team members is noticeable.

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