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One Logical Platform for All Your Data
One Modern Solution for Your Business

Denodo Platform is the Leading Data Integration, Management and Delivery Platform using Logical Approach.


For every organization data and its related infrastructure is constantly evolving. As a result, enterprise data will always remain distributed. The Denodo Platform gives IT organizations the flexibility to evolve their data strategies, migrating to the cloud or logically unifying data warehouses and data lakes without affecting business. The Denodo Platform also accelerates data provisioning through reduced data replication, it enables consistent security and governance across multiple systems, and it gives your business users the flexibility to choose their preferred applications. The only way you can accomplish this is through a logical data fabric powered by data virtualization.

This enables organizations to acquire timely, trusted, integrated datasets for faster analytics and informed business decisions.

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Data virtualization provides a virtual or logical approach to accessing, managing, and delivering data without replicating it in a physical repository.



Data virtualization integrates siloed data across all enterprise systems, regardless of data format, location, or latency.


Data virtualization enables organizations to manage related data with a universal semantic model, providing enhanced metadata and AI/ML functionality, enabling vital data governance.


Data virtualization delivers and democratizes data in real time leveraging BI and data science tools, a powerful data catalog, and APIs.

The Critical Capabilities of the Denodo Platform

Logical Data Abstraction

Represents all data assets in an abstracted form, decoupled from the source systems that store the data.

Smart Query Acceleration

Provides great query performance and data access using AI-powered query acceleration, aggregates-aware query rewrites, and pushdowns, caching, and materialization.

Advanced Semantics

Offers a data catalog that simplifies data discovery with AI-driven recommendations and collaboration features that leverage business semantics that adapts to the needs of data consumers.

Universal Connectivity and Data Services

Easily connect to a wide range of data sources with 150+ connectors, and publish for easy sharing using SQL, JSON, REST, and GraphQL APIs.

Flexible Data Integration

The flexibility to adapt to a wide range of use case requirements, from real-time federation to selective materialization (caching, aggregation-aware summaries), full replication (ETL, ELT, micro batching), and streaming.

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Unified Security and Governance

The centralized application of governance and fine-grained security policies that apply to any data and any access method, along with comprehensive data activity audit logs.

Can’t wait to know more about Logical Data Management? Learn more about how Denodo and IGS can help you optimize your data management today.

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