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IGS China, an Atlassian Platinum Partner, has marked a significant milestone in the field of IT services and DevOps in the AI era with its self-developed, innovative, and transformative solutions.

On March 21, IGS China successfully hosted the "ITSM + Cloud Dual Certification of Honor and New Plugin Release Conference" in Shanghai. This event, focusing on IT Service Management (ITSM) and Cloud Migration, unveiled IGS's prestigious recognition as the recipient of the Atlassian ITSM Specialized and Cloud Specialized certifications. The conference also showcased a range of practical plugins developed by IGS, highlighting the close technical integration and strategic cooperation between IGS and Atlassian. Together, these advancements are driving ITSM and Cloud towards more intelligent and efficient development. The event brought together industry experts, IT developers, and corporate IT leaders to discuss and share the latest developments in IT service management.

  • Atlassian Specialized Partner in ITSM

  • Atlassian Specialized Partner in Cloud

Atlassian Cloud Specialized Partners

Guest Addresses: Strong Collaboration for Excellent Achievements

The conference commenced with opening remarks from Dr. Julian Lo, CTO of IGS, and Kai Wan, Sales Director of IGS. Kai emphasized that IGS has been dedicated to IT services since its establishment in 2007. With a team of over 260 professionals spread across mainland China, Hong Kong, and its development center in Xi'an, IGS has demonstrated strong technical capabilities and earned the trust of its diverse customer base spanning various industries. In addition, IGS has expanded its support capabilities by establishing branches in Australia and Malaysia, with the Malaysian branch providing round-the-clock support.


In the realm of ITSM, IGS began its transition from CA Service Desk to BMC in 2008 and initiated a fruitful collaboration with Atlassian in 2020. This partnership has enabled IGS to expand its business domain in government and enterprise sectors. In 2023, IGS achieved dual certification for Atlassian Cloud and ITSM specialization, solidifying its position as a leading professional in the ITSM domain. Moreover, IGS has ventured into other areas, including big data and network technology, further showcasing its strengths and advantages in these fields. The collaboration between IGS and Atlassian has garnered high praise from clients involved in both domestic and multinational projects.


Dr. Julian, the CTO of IGS, elaborated on the openness and flexibility advantages of Atlassian's solution. He presented a comprehensive illustration of how IGS utilizes the integrated platform to break down silos and foster collaborative solutions for development teams, operations teams, and business teams. Through an example in the financial insurance industry, Julian showcased the seamless integration of Jira, Confluence, and JSM platforms, enabling complete lifecycle management from user requests to project management using both agile and waterfall methods.


Kai expressed his satisfaction with the collaboration with Atlassian, highlighting the smooth and harmonious communication between the two parties. He expressed his anticipation for deeper cooperation in the future, aiming to provide clients with even more exceptional services.

Although Kerwin Chung, Greater China Regional Lead of Atlassian, was unable to attend the event in person, he shared the latest developments at Atlassian and emphasized the significance of the cooperation with IGS through an online address. As Australia's largest technology company and a global tech unicorn, Atlassian has been serving over 80% of Fortune 500 companies, boasting 260,000 corporate clients, 700 localized partners, a community of 7.6 million enthusiasts, and a thriving plugin ecosystem. With a strong commitment to charitable activities, Atlassian contributes 1% of its revenue through its Pledge program.

Kerwin highlighted Atlassian's high investment in R&D, focus on product quality, and dedication to customer experience. The company has received high praise from evaluation agencies like Gartner and Forrester and has been honored with the FUTURE 50 award. In the field of AI, Atlassian continues to innovate, encouraging employees to leverage AI tools to enhance work efficiency and integrating AI functionalities into its software tools, such as rapid product requirements document generation.


Regarding the collaboration with IGS, Kerwin expressed deep admiration for the strong cohesion and spirit of cooperation within the IGS team. He highly appreciated the leadership abilities and company atmosphere fostered by IGS. Furthermore, IGS achieved the prestigious honor of being a platinum partner in its first year of joining the Atlassian partner network. IGS has been recognized as a professional service team for cloud migration and ITSM, showcasing its professional capabilities and high customer satisfaction in large-scale cloud migration and ITSM service implementation projects. These achievements indicate a future of even closer and more successful cooperation between IGS and Atlassian.

Abstract Background

Roundtable Discussion

After the guests' speeches session, three experts from IGS returned to the stage for a deep and insightful roundtable discussion. As partners of Atlassian, they are not only leaders in the industry but also pioneers in innovation. They shared their experiences working with Atlassian and their planning for the era of AI.

​Faced with complex customer needs, how do you usually combine your expertise with Atlassian products to design solutions? Are there any impressive cases or strategies you can share?

  • Su Liang: Typically, customer needs that are straight forward tend to resemble product functionalities. For such needs, we directly utilize the functions of Atlassian products to provide solutions. For more complex needs, we recommend using third-party plugins or our own custom-developed plugins. If a solution cannot be found within the native capabilities and plugin market, we engage in development work to create specific functionalities in collaboration with the customer.


  • Liu Yin: When dealing with complex ITSM-related needs, I generally advise customers to start with simple processes. For example, the flexibility and convenience of JSM make it an excellent choice to start with the most commonly used processes. By gradually introducing and refining more processes, we can progressively build a complete service management system. It's essential to start practicing rather than remaining in the planning phase.

Our Successful Use Cases with Atlassian
Our Successful Use Cases with Atlassian

From improving communication and collaboration to enhancing productivity and project management, we will share our insights on how Atlassian has made a significant impact on our software development efforts.

IGS offers proactive, flexible support and tailored Atlassian services for your company.

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