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Thank you for attending our event. Please complete the survey form.
1. What is your role in the decision-making process? 您在決策過程中扮演什麼角色?

2. Please rate the event arrangement based on the following score.

Event Duration 活動時間
Presentation Format and Flow 演講格式和流程
Topic Relevance 主題相關性
Booths and Takeaways 展位和引導資料
3. Which technologies does your organization use to build applications today? (You may select more than one option.) 您的組織目前使用那種技術來建立應用程式?(可多選一項)
4. What is your area of focus in the next 12 months? (You may select more than one option.) 你在未來12個月有什麼重點關注項目?(可多選一項)
5. Would you like our sales representative to contact you afterward? (You may select more than one option.) 您希望與我們的銷售代表聯繫嗎?(可多選一項)
6. Would you like to have a free consultation meeting with us? 您希望與我們進行免費諮詢嗎?
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